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Congress Registration Form

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Online Congress Registration  

Deadline for Early Registration for the Congress:
March 1, 2004

Registration for Courses: All of the postgraduate courses will be held on the first day of the congress, April, 28, 2004. The number of participants for each course is limited. Therefore, it is advised to choose at least two courses when filling out the "Course Registration Form" Choices should be numbered as 1 and 2, according to preference. Participants who would like to attend to the courses are requested to apply to their respective branches of the Society no later than April 1, 2004. Definitive lists will be available on the website of the Society by April 8, 2004, after the assessment of the applications. The registrations will be made upon the payment of the registration fee via the bank account stated below and delivery of the voucher to the respective branch of the Society no later than April 15, 2004.

Course Participation Certificate: Participants may attend to a single course only. Full-day participation is required in order to receive a certificate.

Registration for the Congress: Participants should fill out the "Congress Registration Form" , pay the registration fee via the bank account of the Turkish Thoracic Society and send the form and the voucher to the congress organization secretariat by fax or mail. Those who cannot prove payment of the registration fee will not receive a participation badge and will not be permitted access to the congress area.

Hotel Reservations: The participants should fill out and send the reservation form to the Congress Organization Secretariat by fax or mail, along with the bank voucher proving the payment of accommodation fee. In case where the payment is made by credit card, a photocopy of the credit card (both sides) must also be enclosed. The back side of the credit card must be signed.

Reservation Cancellations: In case of cancellation until March 1, 2004 payments made will be returned, minus the bank commissions. For cancellations after March 1, 2004 no reimbursement will be made.