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Social Program

A rich social program featuring concerts, shows and various cultural activities has been planned for the congress. Thus, congress participants will be free to choose, on the evening of days passed in intense information exchange, between recreating culture and art activities and talk shows where actual events are brought to the arena of humor. Details of the social program will be published in the second announcement which will be delivered in January, 2004.

Tuluyhan Uğurlu

Centennial Dreams
April 29, 2004
Ataol Behramolğlu

Poetry Concert
April 29, 2004
Altan Erkekli

İnadına Yaşamak
April 29, 2004
Ali Poyrazoğlu

Ödünç Yaşamlar
April 30, 2004
İlber Ortaylı

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April 30, 2004
Kerem Görsev

Trio Jazz Concert
April, 30 2004
Tennis and Ping-pong Tournament

Tennis and ping-pong tournament organization arranged by the Thoracic Society during the 7th Annual Congress of Turkish Thoracic Society at 28 april-1 may .
In both category; ladies and gentlemen compete among themselves. The competitors who get the first three degree will be rewarded by medals and books . Sports wears and shoe must be weared during the matches.

Participant should inform;
  • which tournament they will join(more than one can be chosen)
  • if they'll bring their own racket
  • if they have any previous success in tennis or in ping-pong
  • their sex and age
Thus, number of participants will be helpful for the organization community to arrange adequate number of corts and tables .