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The Turkish Thoracic Society, found in 1992 by specialists in respiratory medicine and other physicians working in this field, is the national professional and scientific organization for chest diseases. The aim of the Society is to provide the most effective scientific methods for prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases and to increase national respiratory health through patient care, research, education and promoting national policies.

Shortly after its foundation the Society has opened 10 branches for different geographical regions of the country, and has formed scientific assemblies in 14 different fields. The Turkish Thoracic Society, with its branches, scientific assemblies, scientific and professional activities and standard-defining work for the profession, constitutes the largest specialist organization in the area of respiratory health in Turkey.

Educational Activities

The Turkish Board of Pneumology, established by TTS to improve the level of and provide standardization for specialty training, has held its second examination.

The Turkish Thoracic Society informs its members of the latest developments in respiratory medicine by organizing annual congresses.

The Turkish Thoracic Society has established a "School of the Thoracic Society", which holds regular "Winter School" programs to update and refresh the knowledge and skills of junior academic personnel and clinicians practicing in the field. The Society, in view of the ongoing developments in the area of respiratory diseases, implements central courses of 1 to 2 months to increase the amount of well trained work force in areas where there is a need or which will be presently organized as separate subdisciplines.

The Turkish Thoracic Society has also a "Thoracic Society Seminars" program since 2002. This year's seminar on tuberculosis will be held on November 2003, with the participation, as lecturers and chairpersons, of scientists similarly renowned at international level and colleagues and researchers from regional countries where tuberculosis is an important problem.

The branches of the Turkish Thoracic Society also organize many symposia, panels and similar scientific and professional activities in their respective regions, in line with, but independent of the central body.

Publications and Research Activities

The Turkish Thoracic Society has 5 official publications which are published regularly: "Toraks Bülteni", "Toraks Dergisi", "Turkish Respiratory Journal", "Toraks Kitapları", and "Toraks Derneği Eğitim Kitapları Serisi".

The Turkish Thoracic Society, in line with its goals, has established 14 different scientific assemblies in order to plan training programs, carry out multicentered studies, develop diagnostic and therapeutic standards, and contribute to establishment of national policies in their respective areas. Various diagnostic and treatment guidelines developed by these groups have been distributed to our members and other physicians throughout the country. National Survey Programs developed by 8 separate scientific assemblies will soon be published.

The Turkish Thoracic Society, in order to encourage scientific research, provides seven different Research and Encouragement Awards.

Activities for Patient Care and Public Health Activities

The Turkish Thoracic Society endeavors to attain patient care services (prevention, diagnosis, and treatment) of the highest quality in the field of respiratory diseases. The Turkish Thoracic Society, in line with its primary goal of promoting national respiratory health, makes efforts to determine the respiratory health problems in our country, publishes diagnostic and therapeutic guidelines and organizes national control programs to contribute to the solutions of these problems.

The Turkish Thoracic Society views the "Tuberculosis Week", "World Asthma Day", "World COPD Day", and "31st of May - No Tobacco Day" as important opportunities for creating awareness in general public and among health care workers.

Regional and Global Cooperation

The Turkish Thoracic Society is aware of the fact that the causes and the solutions of the national lung health problems have to be considered on a global scale. The Society has established close relationships with regional and international organizations in the field of respiratory diseases.

The Turkish Thoracic Society Central Office

Turan Güneş Bulvarı,
Koyunlu Sitesi No: 175/19,
Oran, Ankara-Turkey
Phone: 0312 4904050
Fax: 0312 4904142
Web: www.toraks.org.tr
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