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Distinguished Colleagues,

We feel great pleasure from inviting you to the 7th Annual Congress of the Turkish Thoracic Society (TTS), which will be held in Antalya on April 28th-May 1st, 2004.

Meetings of TTS form the ground where the latest developments and information are exchanged and country- and region-specific problems in the area of lung health are analyzed and discussed, thus national programs and practices are developed and orchestrated. These meetings, which also provide a regional perspective exceeding the national borders, have become a basis where respiratory system problems of people in Eurosia constituting an important geographical area of the world are discussed from every aspect and offered solutions. In this context, the Annual Congress of TTS has become a quite important and influent event not only for our country and region, but also for the current global practice pertaining to respiratory diseases.

This year's congress will feature the largest possible national participation, along with participation from colleagues and national society representatives from the United States, European countries, and, especially, from regional countries for lectures, session chairs and presentations. We expect a substantial amount of presentations from colleagues in regional countries and place special emphasis on this issue. It is apparent that information exchanged, produced and discussed in such a setting will provide substantial contribution both to national and international practice and pave the way for many new solutions to our problems.

Dear Colleagues,
We invite you to participate with your presentations in the 7th Annual Congress of the Turkish Thoracic Society, which will be held in the historically and naturally rich beach and sun paradise of Antalya and during the most convenient days of the season.

Ali Kocabaş
President of TTS
Muzaffer Metintaş
Congress Chair
H. Gül Öngen
Scientific Program Committee Chair