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The city of Antalya was founded in the 2nd century B.C. by Attalus, the King of Pergamon. Antalya is the pearl of Mediterranean region. It's a rich land of history with its historical sites, which had been home for several civilizations and a heaven of sea & sun with its unique coastline and coastal towns (Alanya, Side Aspendos, Perge, Kemer, Phaselis, Termessos...) Places of interest to see in Antalya are the fine museum of archaeology, the broken minaret mosque which had also been a church, Hadrian's Gate and the antique Roman Harbor. No stay is complete without a wander through old "Kaleici" (Old quarter), with its narrow winding streets, old Ottoman houses and fine restaurants and souvenir shops. Most of the hotels featured are located in "Kaleici" and are restored half-timber houses.


Kemer is 45 km far away from Antalya. Kemer, was the ancient city called (Idyros) and now a groving resort town with millions tourist who spends their Holidays on the region. Around Kemer there are some small touristic towns Beldibi, Goynuk, Camyuva, Tekirova. All those towns also has thousands beds for the tourists, very categoried Hotels from pansions to up Delux Hotels and Holiday Clubs. Kemer passes through Spectacular Mountain scenery. Research about Kemer does not give us more than a knowledge here was the city of Likya. But according the speeches from citizens, Kemer turned to a swap and tiny lakes city because of the torrents came from the mountains in the 1910's which it was called Old Village before. After the people lived there built 23 km of stony walls to prevent torrents under foots of mountains between 1916-1917. After times, they called to their village 'Kemer' that means 'Belt' in Turkish.

This resort town has been carefully designed to blend in whit the surrounding scenery and offers an ideal environment for a wonderful holiday. A fully equipped a Yachting Port - Kemer Marina has facilities for all activities so those yachtsmen can enjoy the unspoiled bays and beaches south of the town. Shoppers will delight in the wonderful ranch of high quality souvenirs for sale. A beach promenade north of the marina has steps leading down from its cafes and shops directly to the beach. Kemer Beach is a Blue Flag beach. The term 'Blue Flag' put by the (EU) European Union means that Kemer has very clean beaches and protecting by the tourists and people. In the Yoruk (Nomad) Theme Park you can watch traditional crafts people at work. The adjoining by is a charming and delightful spot whit many sports and daily entertainment facilities discreetly hidden among the pines. April is the month for the colourful Kemer Carnival and hundreds Pubs, Bars, Discos makes entertaintment live life make endless evenings and nights in Kemer.